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Singlet partners...

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Singlet partners...

Post by fbmoasis on Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:33 am

One of our headmates had to go on a vacation because they were having a really hard time with their partner, who's single, and whom we live with. They couldn't get enough space in the apartment, so they decided to go adventuring in other dimensions or whatever. Their partner is taking it hard, but they also have relationships with other people in our system who are now being pushed aside. They're sorta doing the classic avoidant, awkward sadness around us, and it's really frustrating. We haven't talked yet, but we're kinda waiting on them to let us know when they're ready. It's just really infuriating that they don't seem to even think about how they're avoidance could be hurtful to other people they're close with. Like, we had a brief conversation in which I said that we (the system and them) needed to talk about our interactions, and they said that they didn't feel like they'd done anything wrong yet because we hadn't interacted. But my thought was, you intentionally not interacting with us is a problem. I get that they need space to process, but, UGH, I really don't want to deal with this singlet bullshit and neither do my headmates. I wish they'd talk to us about what's going on instead of acting like we don't exist.

grr. Mad

(Kinda also wish we'd stop partnering with singlets...)

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Re: Singlet partners...

Post by MysticEden on Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:52 pm

Well I can kind of related to both sides. In the sense that as a singlet it has to be hard for them to deal with someone they are in a relationships leaving them. At the same time your partner is ignoring other people they are in a relationship with too. It sounds like you all need to sit down and talk about this to come to an agreement on how to handle when someone leaves the system for a time and how others are affected by your partners actions.


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Re: Singlet partners...

Post by The Glass Menagerie on Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:47 am

yeah, i can kinda see both sides, too, it is difficult, i imagine, for singlets (or anyone) when their partner goes off, but everyone else is still there, the body is still there, etc.

but they aren't being fair to the rest of you right now, either. Sad so i hope things resolve soon ♥️

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The Glass Menagerie
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Re: Singlet partners...

Post by Sponsored content

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