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Battling what a losing battle shyea...whatever! (TW: We know i'm a trigger box somedays sorry!)

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Battling what a losing battle shyea...whatever! (TW: We know i'm a trigger box somedays sorry!)

Post by pretzelkarma on Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:28 am

Let's just get this straight: I now know 100% i'm NOT the original, i'd love to shake my head and freakin say "I AM I AM I AM!" but that's fooling myself.

In saying though, we felt it wasn't a problem - things SEEMED harmonious.

... Seemed.



I've now been BATTLING her off and on for the last 24 hours - it got so randomly bad she tried to push us all together into one; or worse kill half of us off. Sure it's traumatic, but what am i meant to do let her take over and never see my boyfriend again? She literally wants to dump Rob, and get rid of all my friends...

And worse off, get rid of my gaming.. i mean COME ON; is it cause mom keeps yapping about my self control with my games? (where i record EVERY SESSION OF MINECRAFT CAUSE I CAN? Razz)

I get up this morning or at least wake up and i always have Yasuo, Sai , Mako and Tensei in plushie form by me kind cause i can't grow up and i like having cuddles in the morning >.>
but she pushes them off the bed (Around the time Yasuo flops on my face trying to SAVE ME from 'eternal damnation') like it's too early to fucking deal with things...

I'ts easter weekend here, her excuse is "Ressurect that in which has been here before" ... She's not MEANT to do this as far as we're concerned, but as far as she's concerned? We don't exist.
Especially me, she thinks i'm just some formation of Justin's past where i'm the GQ version of him.

....yea whatever.

Whatever and whoever i am is irrelevant, i'm who everyone calls "Mun" and who so far everyone's been vaying for to stay; i've had Sai on my face going "DUNT LEFF MEEEH" (Aka: he's the whiner.)

GRR i just didn't see this coming, she seemed so fragile and shell-ish, you know we were playing around yesterday morning or afternoon Reiko and I were doing superbass impressions together (She ends up taking the high end of what's left of my alto range and scratching my throat like a 4 year old (Tho she's like 19) and going "BOOM ... boomboomm Very Happy") so initially it was a practice of willing switches; not realizing this probably gave the original the power and strength to whoop my ass.

Physically on the outside we're ok.

Inside? in world? I can't tell who's still around right now or who's 'alive' or 'non injured' it's a freaking mess; and i don't have the time unforunatley to check because i'm rearing into a long week of holiday program! Which means hello - i'm gonna have fun battling her ALL WEEK while the kids stress me the fuck out!

Sure, i function.

Stupid shit throws me off somedays, i'm seriously afraid of the dark so sometimes that sets me off >__>;;;
Or mom claiming i'm gonna be a hoarder (Sure i was offended, but hell.. why would that set me off and go writhing on the floor battling the original in the system? - Really seriously.)

I don't get it, she wants to remove me from everything - i can tell you Justin knows she's tried to do this before - and it's not just being a martyr she'd being controlling.

And yea, ill probably be crossposting this to my tumblr and livejournal so people have ammo when she comes back and tries to say we're faking it, and that we've been telling a lie - and that we don't exist.

Always assume unless said so: Justin will be posting, he stole my account ~__~ dirty rat Razz j/k (Ah, our system is so darn strange!)
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